Ring of Tyrants

Meeting Captain Luske

2 April 2011 Recap

The party had been contracted by Imperial Outreach Project (an exploration and survey company) as part of the team to find a new planet for colonization. The minor noble family House Sarkana is seeking to reestablish themselves in a new sector due to oppression from the mighty House Kalmarr to whom they owe fealty and it is Sarkana who hired Imperial Outreach Project, or IOP.

House Kalmarr sees the Sarkana as barely qualifying for noble status and this has put definite limits on Sarkana’s ambitions. Kalmarr does not seem overly concerned at this diaspora and has even helped partially fund the venture.

The party has arrived on as close to a free trade station as is allowed in Kalmarr space where they are awaiting the arrival of Calypso, a ship chartered by IOP to take the party into the nearby sector. While waiting, Rylios received an email from an old acquaintance named Captain Reeman Luske. The email was erratic, poorly punctuated, and hard to follow – very unlike the character of the normally very military and proper Captain. Rylios, Rolf, and Consuela set out to the poor section of the station where Luske indicated he lived.

A well-armed merc guarded the shoebox sized apartment and Luske looked wild, unkempt, and lived in squalor while he gibbered and appeared frightened. Luske asked the party to recover an idol from his ship that he had set adrift and escaped from a few years ago but he would not (or could not) give specific information due to his mental state. Somebody named The Countess desired the idol and Luske was frightened of her and had hired security to guard himself. Luske seemed convinced if he gave the idol over to her all his problems and nightmares would disappear.

The party agreed to recover the idol as Luske promised to turn over his bank accounts and real estate in return claiming he would have no need of such possessions in the near future.

The party was briefly harassed by Kalmarr Secret Police before they departed to the nearby gas giant where Luske’s military transport Hound was orbiting. The ship showed signs of damage and as the shuttle approached, the ship’s running lights began to activate but the computer system could not be remotely contacted.

The airlock was very dirty with mud, discarded shells, and other such trash. The party inferred the ship must have made planet fall and there was significant movement in and out of the ship. Upon entering the main hallway they found the internal lights were malfunctioning and there were oily slicks, ripped clothing and human bones strewn across the floor. The door leading to the fore of the ship had been partially pried open with tools and there were fingernails and blood on it as well. The party easily found the manual override and opened the door. Whoever had tried to open it prior must have been in a panic or had no knowledge of modern star ships, the party decided.

While exploring the area the party found a path, as if something had been habitually drug on the ground, between two doors. Consuela used clairvoyance to see inside the room which had been overgrown by mushrooms (some bio-luminescent) with a small area cleared away with several pots, ladles, and upside down helmets. The party entered and soon a strangely mutated human with blind eyes emerged from filthy blankets; it spoke a strange chittering clicking language and prepared bowls of mushroom gruel for the characters it heard and pushed helmets full of the food towards the characters before returning to its bed. The uniform it wore identified it as Petty Officer Jensen.

Confused and a little unnerved the party exited and soon entered the officer’s meeting room. A great mass of papers had been compiled here and set ablaze but the fire suppressant system had activated and covered the room in foam. The party searched but they could only find ruined pulp and nothing readable. Rolf did manage to pull up some records from the computer (he concluded an EMP weapon had severely damaged most of the computer) and found evidence that Petty Officer Jensen had been part of the crew manifest. He also recovered partial coordinates of where Hound had been and the location was well distant from Kalmarr controlled space or any of their many enemies’ territory.

Next they came to the Captain’s room which had been altered to mirror the Captain’s room back on the station. This mirroring was very rough and imperfect though. Instead of actual books, rectangular objects had been setup on the shelf with titles written on them in permanent marker. All the cans of mushrooms that covered the floor on the station were reproduced here mostly by cut sections of round metal tubing and so forth. Consuela used post-cognition and could feel the same sense of confusion and terror Luske had exuded in his room. She also received a vision of the mutated Petty Officer Jensen entering the room and writing a note eerily similar to part of the conversation the party had with Luske.

Entering the bridge the party found a black idol made of shiny stone or metal sitting in the captain’s chair. Rylios touched it and immediately experienced a bizarre sensation of life flashing before his eyes going back to his meeting with Luske on the station; at the end of this vision/hallucination he saw an identical idol made of white material in his mind’s eye.

Rolf worked on the computers here which were in much better shape than others on the vessel. He played part of an audio record wherein Captain Luske, sounding confident and clear-headed, spoke of locking the door to the rest of the ship after moving the other idol as far away from the black one as possible. He lapsed into the same chittering clicking speech as Jensen used in mid-sentence before returning to speech the party understood. Luske spoke of leaving the ship and escaping.

Rolf also found evidence of a course having been plotted to the same sector where IOP was sending the characters. The session ended with the party looking out through the view port to see the sickly green gas giant glowing in the distance.



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